You Won’t Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Today is January 5. Have you dropped off of your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Statistically, most people have! I thought about making a resolution to gain 5 pounds this year, as I have successfully done that the last few years!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity (better yet, challenge!) of telling several people that they won’t accomplish their dreams. I know that sounds horrible for a pastor to say, but it was the truth.

I’ve had friends tell me for years that they’re going to do something, write something, sing something, record something, blog something, travel somewhere, etc. For some people, it’s the same EVERY. YEAR.

Why can’t we change?

You’ll never change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain it takes to change.

  • If you have a dream. Go.
  • If you have a passion for something. Move.
  • If you want to accomplish something. Start.

I’m convinced that most people wait for milestones like January 1 to start. Today is the best day to start chasing your dreams. Get moving.