The power of touch

Apple announced the new iPhone 4 this week. I’ll be honest – I love it.
They also announced a new feature – FaceTime. This new technology will allow iPhone 4 users to video chat with each other. AT&T predicted these new ideas 17 years ago, but I’m sure we all thought those commercials were crazy then.
I love video chatting. It’s helped my parents and in-laws get to know their two amazing grandsons while living in a different city. It’s helped my wife and me stay connected when one of us are traveling. It’s just great. 
However, it begs a question. As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and social media, are we sacrificing true connection? Have we lost the beauty of touch? 
As the church continues to leverage the power of technology, we’ve GOT to find a way to continue to invest in real, authentic relationships.