Sunday Rewind

What a GREAT day at Access today! Here’s a brief recap.

  • Our volunteer teams are AMAZING. Seriously, they make Access such a welcoming church.
  • Even in the summer, we continue to grow each week. I love seeing so many new faces. This fall is going to be INSANE.
  • Rippy and the band are SO SO good. They changed songs between services and didn’t even practice the songs for the second service – and still nailed it.
  • Had a heavy heart today. Found out that a man who was like an adoptive grandpa to me just passed away. Great man. Great legacy.
  • Today’s message was tough. We’re all a different character in Luke 15. Who are you? The lost sheep? The lost coin? The lost son? His brother?
  • All of us need to leave our comfortable relationship with Jesus for one of adventure. We need to be seekers of Sheep, Coins, and Lost People.
  • Saw many people cross the line of faith today.
  • Got to personally lead a 16 year old boy to Christ today. He told me his parents told him that God hates him. Such a beautiful thing to see him realize that God not only loves him, but pursues him.
  • I love the “One Prayer” series. It’s great to partner with churches around the globe to remember that the Church (capital C) is bigger than just Access.
  • I love our church. After 3 weeks off from speaking (with good reason – we had a baby!), I was itching to get back. I LOVE LOVE our church! Yep, that was 2 loves.

Don’t forget about Second Saturday (a week late!) at Parker Street Ministries. It’s going to be a blast!