Sunday Rewind // 6.13.10

Another GREAT day at Access Church today. I love our church. Here’s a brief recap:

  • We continue to hear stories of lives being changed. That’s what it’s about!
  • Last summer, we doubled in attendance. We’re on track to do that again. That never happens in churches during the summer. God is definitely up to something! 
  • I poked my head into our AccessKids and Access Babies & Tots today. The kids LOVE it. My son Joey loves going to church. That’s a HUGE win. I’m proud of our leaders and volunteers who make Access such a great place for kids!
  • I’m loving the “One Prayer” series. 
  • We showed a video message from Scott Hodge today. I love his heart and approach. GREAT message.
  • Last week, the focus was us searching for Lost Sheep, Lost Coins, and Lost sons (Luke 15). 
  • This week’s message paired so well with it. Scott’s message was on the church actually being what she was created to be – a collection of broken people who God uses to fulfill His mission. 
  • If we actually lived that out, how powerful would we be?

Don’t forget about Second Saturday, this week! It’s going to be GREAT!