Sunday Rewind :: 3.6.11

A few thoughts on an amazing day!

  • First off, I LOVE seeing God’s Word take root in the lives of our people. That never ceases to amaze me.
  • We concluded our series “Money Where Your Mouth Is” today. Jay did a great job closing us out!
  • At the end, we did a fun Q&A. I managed to use the phrase “Tigerblood” in it. You’ll have to check out the video when it posts on Tuesday at
  • He talked about how most of us live with no margin in any areas of our lives – relationships, work, time, energy, marriages, money, etc.
  • When we lack margin, our stress level rises and our focus shifts to the area of no-margin. 
  • This is what tithing does – it creates margin in our finances. It’s God’s way of saying create space in your finances. 
  • We honed in on the middle of Malachi 3:10, where God says to test Him in this area. It’s the only place in Scripture where God says we can test Him.
  • So, we rolled out a new initiative – the 90 Day Tithing Challenge. Unlike some churches, we’re not offering a “money-back” guarantee, because that removes the element of trust. God says trust Him, period. We asked our church to step up and to test God for 90 days to see if He won’t bless and provide for us. 
  • We didn’t make the 90 Day Tithing Challenge a guilt trip, we just created an opportunity, and TONS of people signed up. We even asked people to let us know how we could pray for them. We’ve got some serious needs in our church. Our staff and I will be praying for them this week!
  • One thing we’ve definitely done in this series is to make sure it’s never been about Access getting money. We’ve always taken an inferring before we’ve preached about money, because we never wanted people to give out of guilt. 
  • I’m not sure what the total is, but from what I heard, today was our largest day of giving ever. It’s as if God’s Word is really taking root in our lives.

A few other thoughts from today:

  • Today is Spring Break for college students. I miss Spring Break.
  • Jordan and Kristin Rippy are out of town for the weekend, so Mike led worship. Dude tore it up. I love when he leads worship. He sang, “I Exalt Thee.” I love that song. Love it when Mike does it.
  • We keep connecting with new families. I love that.
  • Had a girl come to us today who has never attended church – ever. Thankful for opportunities like that to pour into people who have never even heard about God.

I love our church. I want to keep creating ways for us to connect with God in new, beautiful ways!