Sunday Rewind :: 2.6.11

Here are a few thoughts from an AMAZING day!

  • Saw over 10 people make a decision to serve Christ today. WOW. LOVE IT.
  • Had our largest first service ever today. Had our largest non-holiday and non-special guest Sunday (meaning we’ve had huge Sundays when we’ve had guest music artists or speakers).  God is up to something at our church.
  • Had over 90 kids under the age of 12 today. That is CRAZY. We’ve got an amazing program for kids, with amazing pastors and volunteers. New families are coming. We’re ready for them 🙂
  • Met a really cool couple before the second service today. They’d been watching online for a few weeks and decided to try it out. He was raised Mormon. She was raised Catholic. They hadn’t been to any type of church service in over 10 years. Amazing.
  • Met another family who were Catholic, but hadn’t been to church in a long time. The man told me how much he enjoyed today, how his curiosity would bring him back, and how none of what I said today would’ve ever been said in his Catholic Church growing up. He said it was really raw – which was exactly what we needed! I love that.
  • Today’s talk on sex was unbelievably straightforward.
  • God made sex. Sex is great in His timing and context.
  • You’ll have to watch this week’s message to understand this.I talked used Chocolate Syrup, Oreos, Marvin Gaye, and Wedding Dresses in today’s message. If you missed it, you’ll need to check it out later this week online! (New messages are posted on Tuesdays)
  • We defined sin this way – anything we do that separates relationship, whether with God or others. Grace is what brings us closer to each other.
  • Therefore, it is possible to be married and having sex with your spouse, yet still sinning. If your heart and mind are consumed by thinking of someone else, you’re driving a wedge between your relationship with your spouse. That is sin.
  • Sex God’s way looks like this. To know and to be fully known. To experience intimacy through deeply communicating with each other. The act of sex is just an expression of intimacy that is already there.
  • So many people carry tremendous shame and guilt into their marriages, when they were created to be free.
  • I hope our singles will understand the refrain from the Song of Solomon. “Do not awaken love before its time” is so profound, simple, and true.
  • True intimacy is fostered in the cauldron of purity, trust, and honor. I hope that married couples will honor each other, pursue purity in their marriage, and give themselves to each other in a way that honors God.
  • If you are struggling with any sexual sin, please let us help you find freedom. Please contact us. It’s a huge deal. You were created to be free.
  • Sex, when married, is an act of worship. As strange as that sounds, it is a gift from God for us. I hope you married couples will fully grasp that concept – and maybe worship some this week 🙂

If you missed today, Jordan Twittered the whole day from his perspective at the new Twitter page for Access’ Worship Band at