Sunday Rewind :: 2.20.11

We had Banana Cream Pie at church today! Was an amazing day. Here are some thoughts!

  • Kicked off a new series today – “Money Where Your Mouth Is.” If you missed today, I hope you’ll take 30 minutes and listen or watch online this week when they are posted on Tuesday!
  • Today’s topic is SO important. The way we prioritize our money directly reflects how we view God.
  • Money is a HUGE deal!
  • The latest Gallup Poll says that unemployment is up to 10%. 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. The number one cause of stress and divorce in Americans is money. Money is a HUGE deal
  • The key principle from today’s message was very simply this – God wants to be first in our lives.
  • I compared our finances to a pie, but not just any pie – my favorite! BANANA CREAM PIE! Many of us pay out all of our bills, spend our money, pay our taxes, possibly save some, then if there is anything left over, we give something to God and/or others. We give large slices of our financial pie to things that serve us, then if there is anything left over, we give God our crumbs.
  • We read from Malachi 3, where God commands His people to return to Him a tithe. He said that we rob Him by withholding our tithe.
  • Then, we read from Matthew 6. Jesus said we can’t serve both God and our money. One has to be first.
  • It is SO easy to worship God with our voices. It’s easy to lift our hands, sing out loud, and worship that way. It’s SO much more difficult to trust Him with our first 10%, then to live on the rest.
  • Martin Luther conveys this insight, “there are three conversions necessary: the conversion of the heart, mind and the purse.” 
  • Let’s have the courage to honor God in every area of our lives – including our wallets!
  • As everyone left today, we gave them a small cup of Banana Creme Pudding, as a reminder to put God first in every area of our finances! You should’ve been there. It was GREAT!

I can’t wait for the rest of this series. We’re going to redefine what it means to be blessed. Then we’re going to talk about practical ways we can create margin in our finances! I love it!