Sunday Rewind :: 2.13.11

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend to you! Today was an incredible day! Here are a few thoughts…

Lis & the Boys Valentine's Day!
Lis & the Boys Valentine’s Day!

  • We concluded our message series, “LOVE, MARRIAGE, BABY CARRIAGE” today. Pastor Jay knocked it out of the park by talking about God’s design for families.
  • I work really hard at being a good dad. I LOVE my boys. I felt like I got my butt kicked today, in a great way.
  • Kids learn from the way we walk and the way we talk.
  • How are you showing your kids love, affirmation, and grace from the way you live?
  • I love this principle. God’s design for priorities in our lives are: God, Spouse, Kids, Work. It’s important to know that our husbands and wives are a priority over our kids. It sounds strange, because our kids are our very own flesh and blood. However, your marriage will long outlast having our kids at home. Beyond that, showing our spouse love will encourage our kids to fully love and devote themselves to their future spouse!
  • Secondly, how are you talking to your kids?
  • We think that kids are like Teflon – that nothing sticks to them. Our words have power. The words we say have life and death. Our words can encourage and build up our kids, or destroy them.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever forget Jay smashing the glass table. So powerful. If you missed it, please check out the video (available Tuesday) at  
  • One thing that is really cool to me is hearing how our podcast and videos are spreading. I heard from a couple new people in our church today who have been watching/listening for weeks, some from different parts of the country.
  • It got me thinking – I wonder where else our podcast and videos are reaching. I looked it up. It’s surprising. We’ve got people in over 60 of countries all over the world listening and watching (SHOUT OUT TO THE TWO MOST RANDOM COUNTRIES I FOUND – QATAR & PAKISTAN!). It’s crazy.
  • Another thing I loved was getting to walk around and see what our Children’s Ministries are doing. They’re doing an AMAZING job leading kids into a growing relationship with Jesus. I’m SO proud of what they’re doing.
  • I hear from parents all the time, telling me how much their kids LOVE coming to church. That is a HUGE win!

God is up to something in our church. I love being a part of it. I’ve LOVED this series. Can’t wait for next week, when we start our new series, “Money Where Your Mouth Is.” I won’t spoil it for you, but I know there will be Banana Cream Pie involved 🙂 See you Sunday.