Around the Blogosphere

Here are some blogs I’ve enjoyed from the past week… Enjoy! Great thoughts from Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC on not allowing your past to rule you. I love Craig Groeschel’s thoughts on breaking your scheduled rhythm to hear from God. So good. Mark Batterson’s insight on us constantly examining […]

Limiting the Voices

Last summer, I did a series at Access called Voices (Part 1, 2, & 3). I spoke on the fact that we all have SO many voices competing for our time. So many voices that speak into our lives that can build us up or destroy us. Some people allow what was said to them […]

Moving from Consumers to Contributors

I realized some time ago that I am an insatiable consumer of information. I’m always reading something, researching something, listening to brilliant talks and sermons… consuming information. Some time ago, I realized that if I’m going to leave a lasting impact, I’ve got to share my journey. I’ve got to share the stories of us […]

Sunday Rewind // 6.20.10

It was a GREAT Father’s Day at Access Church. Here are a few highlights from an AMAZING day! It was good having Mike lead worship today. He and the team always do such a great job.  Personal highlight: hearing my wife sing! She’s got skills. We had SO many of our staff – seriously SO […]

Hero :: My Dad

Continuing my series on the people who have deeply impacted my life, today, on Father’s Day, I’m focusing on one of my biggest heroes ever – my dad, Billy Burns. I’m convinced that you’ll never understand how much your parents love you, how much they’ve sacrificed for you, how many times they’ve prayed over you, […]

Two. (part 2)

“A leader must first walk into his own narrative.  If he plunges into his own story, then he will understand better where he refuses to live with faith, hope and love.  He will better be able to name how he attempts to make truth serve his own idolatry rather than allowing the lies of his […]


Do you even really know someone who doesn’t know Christ? According to American Church in Crisis, 2% of people in American churches have actually led someone into a relationship Jesus Christ.   Let that sink in – 2%.   Two. Percent. Do you think you are where you are in life by accident? That your […]

Professionally Fun

Google Offices, ZurichThe best companies know how to laugh together, have fun together, and get the job done well together. That’s why I love our Access team. Seriously, that’s what I love working with them. It’s fun. These are the people I want to hang out with on the weekends. These are the people I […]

Hero :: My Wife

For the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting several of my heroes. These are the people whose influence has shaped me into the person I am. Hero: Elisabeth Burns I’d be crazy not to start with the love of my life, Elisabeth. I admire her. I adore her. Elisabeth defines beauty, inside and out. We’ve been […]