Next Level…

I’ve had this unique sense that God is calling me, my family, and my church to the next level. Sometimes you can’t articulate the feeling – you just know it’s too strong to deny.

To get there, I’m ready to start making some changes. I can never expect my church to go where I’m not willing to go personally.

  • God has always been a priority, but I want to step up my commitment to Him. This means more time in His Word, more time seeking His face, and creating more space for silence so His voice can speak.
  • I will make sure my wife knows she is my priority. 
  • I want my kids to never feel that church or ministry comes before them. Ever.
  • I will take steps to get healthy. I fully expect to be wrestling with my great, great grandchildren.
  • I will lead the way in generosity – huge, sacrificial generosity.

What are you willing to sacrifice to go to the next level?