I’m pumped!

There are so many amazing things happening at Access right now. This isn’t intended to be all “hype-y” and not to be a big advertisement, but I wanted to share a few amazing things that have happened and are happening!

We’ve added 129 people to our attendance in the last 10 weeks. Strong, consistent growth. It’s fun. We’re seeing people come to Christ every week. We’re hearing stories from people who feel welcomed, loved, and challenged by Access. Our Brandon Campus just moved into a larger venue to accommodate new families. It feels like we’re just scratching the surface.

Amazing things are still in store this Fall. Here are a few things I’m pumped about:

  • This Saturday, we’re packaging 15,000 healthy meals for children in our community and for families in South Mexico. Love that our church has given so generously to make it happen. We love Feeding Children Everywhere and can’t wait to partner with them on this big day!
  • We’re baptizing at least 9 people on Sunday. I say “at least” because we’re bringing tshirts and shorts and I’m believing that others will get baptized that day too!
  • In 29 days, a team of people from our church is heading to Mexico to build a church. Talk about a lasting legacy! We ordered the team special tshirts today (I LOVE THEM!!!). We’ve bought airline tickets, hotel rooms, paid for bibles, a pastor’s salary, and the whole cost to build the church. Again, Access you blow me away with your generosity.
  • In October, we’re kicking Growth Track back up again, and it’s completely new and revamped. I LOVE Growth Track because it helps people find unique purpose and then gives them the tools to start living it out!
  • In November, we’re throwing a HUGE party called “The Accessys” to honor the incredible people that serve so faithfully. We started the Accessys last year and it was such a fun night of honor. Invitations are going out next week. Can’t wait!

There’s more than this, but this is a start. Our staff is excited. It feels like every day we’re in a group text (which I normally hate!) cheering each other on and celebrating wins. Last night, we celebrated how well our Access Groups semester is already going – and it’s just starting!

The best is yet to come.