Honor Series // Pastor Tom Peters


Romans 13 says that we are to give honor to whom honor is due. There is no better place to start than with MY PASTOR, Tom Peters.

Pastor Peters faithfully pastored my home church, Trinity Church International for 40 years. For almost 25 years, I’ve watched him lead the church with undeniable integrity and prayer. I’ve never seen a pastor place as much emphasis on prayer as he does.

Pastor Tom Peters

My Pastor, Tom Peters

There are times when it feels like every week we’re hearing about another “big name” pastor in the news who has fallen from grace because of a moral failure. One of his many legacies is that, by God’s grace, for 40 years he hasn’t had a hint of scandal. Pastor and Mary Ann are my heroes. To do what they’ve done and to love each other the way they do is nothing short of beautiful.

I had the privilege of sitting directly under his leadership for over 10 years before moving away, and still consider him my pastor. In the last few years, he’s taken a new role with me – mentor. I’ve turned to him in good days and in bad. He’s counseled me through difficult decisions and transitions.

I’m thankful for his leadership, the way he has pastored me, and the example he has set for me and countless other pastors around the world. He’s set the bar high. I hope to live a life in a way that several generations of pastors will feel about me the way I feel about my pastor.

Access, whether or not you realize it, Pastor Peters has indirectly impacted your life. Much of what you see in me is a direct reflection of Pastor Peters’ investment in me.

Today, I honor my pastor. I love you Pastor Peters.