Great Date Ideas Around Lakeland!

We’ve been talking in our “LOVE, MARRIAGE, BABY CARRIAGE” series about what it means to love, sacrifice for, constantly give to, honor, and fully trust to your spouse. One of the most common questions we get is this… HOW?

95% of that answer is simply being there. Being there to listen, love on, hold, comfort, support, laugh with, cry with, etc. Just be there.

However, there are other times when couples need to break the mold, get out of the house, and escape together. For that reason, we put together a simple list of ideas for ways couples can continue to embrace romance and constantly date each other!


Here’s a simple list of inexpensive ideas for fun things to do in and around Lakeland.

First Fridays – Every first Friday of the month, downtown Lakeland has a fun, free event. It’s fun to walk around, run into friends, grab an ice cream cone or coffee and just spend time together. Here’s a hint. Hold hands the whole time. It’s fun!

Pics on the Promenade – Every few months, meet up at the Lake Mirror Promenade to watch a movie on a giant inflatable screen. It’s good fun.

Picnic – Did you know that Lakeland has some AMAZING picnic places? With so many beautiful lakes and gardens, this is such a simple idea.

Bok Tower – If you’d like to get away from the busyness of life, take the 40 minute drive to Lake Wales and stop by Bok Tower. It’s a beautiful spot to unwind. Maybe pack a picnic lunch. If you’ve got some extra cash, the Chalet Suzanne is world famous food!

Orlando Magic Games – The Orlando Magic are having a great season and they just built an unbelievable new arena. You can find tickets as low as $12. It’s a great experience!

Movie & Meal Deal – If you’ve never done this, it’s a GREAT date idea. It’s around $20/person for a movie ticket and a meal from a selected menu at any of the CityWalk Orlando restaurants. The food is great. The atmosphere is awesome. Can’t beat it!

Drive in Movies – (From Stacey Wesche) – Drive in movie! Silvermoon in Lakeland: $4.00 per person–$1.00 for kids–New movies, bring your own snacks, sit outside or in your vehicle–AND if you go to the early show, you can stay for the second movie for free!! (as long as it is on the same side)

Polk Museum of Art – (From Julie Paige Murphy) –  Polk Museum of Art, or new Dali Museum in St. Pete…special prices on certain days…Or, there’s always the BEACH!!!

I LOVE this Fun Idea – (From Deena Grimes) – A few years ago we came up with a few… we wrote them on cards and put them in baggies… one for free dates, one for around 20$ and another for 50-75$… Date night would come and depending on how much we had to spend we reached in a grabbed a card and HAD to do what it said! No arguing! Coming up with the date night ideas together was part of the fun! From the Auburndale Speedway with Sonnys BBQ to Picassos Cup and Crispers… also taking turns on who picks out the movie… Now I wanna dig out our collection of ideas… where are they?

(From Elesha Jones) – My favorite cheap date is a picnic at Lake Morton or any waterfront. is a good way to get great deals at restaurants. We ate at Louis Pappa’s once for $2 using Groupon certificates.

Disc Golf (From Chris Scott – one AMAZING drummer!) – Disc golf! It’s free, and a good way to spend about two hours…tiff and i have a blast!

Circle B – (From Mike Nykile) – Hiking @ Circle B is a great, fun escape!

Other fun, (relatively) cheap ideas:

Florida Aquarium in Tampa

Picasso’s Cup Pottery Painting

Downtown Disney

Mini Golf


Roller Skating

Walking around Celebration, Florida is fun (plus I love the Colombia Restaurant there!)

Abuelo’s has a Movie and Meal deal right now


Here are some really nice restaurants I’ve been to that are great for special occasions (read – they’re expensive.) My wife and I love these places.

The Terrace in Lakeland

Armani’s Restaurant in Tampa

Charley’s Steakhouse in Tampa

Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa

Mama Della’s in Orlando

I hope you’ll take me up on this. Exchange baby sitting with a friend to save a few bucks and take your spouse on a date. Your husband or wife is one of God’s greatest gifts to you. SHOW THEM THIS WEEK!

Also, if you have any great ideas, please leave a comment and let others know!