Good is the Enemy of Great

I woke up really early this morning with a thought I couldn’t shake.

Good is the enemy of great.

I began to run everything I do through that filter. Where in my life am I doing a good job?

Am I a good husband? A good dad? A good pastor? A good leader? A good example? Am I doing a good job at work?

Good isn’t enough. You were called to greatness. Those who settle into the mediocrity of goodness may never experience the significance of greatness.

I challenged our staff with this thought this morning. It’s not enough to be good, when all of us are capable of greatness. I want to explore every facet of my life to weed out “good” because I’m capable of “great.” I want to relentlessly pursue the removal of good in my life.

I want to be:

A GREAT husband – one who loves his bride like Christ loved His (Ephesians 5)

A GREAT dad – who loves and sacrifices to see his children raised well (Psalm 103)

A GREAT pastor – who lives to see the church become a beautiful expression of what it was created to be (Titus 1)

A GREAT leader – who leads with integrity and honor (1 Peter 4)

A GREAT example – so that others see Christ in me (1 Peter 5)

To have a GREAT work ethic – to lead by example (Colossians 3)

Where in your life have you settled for good, when you were called to great?