Geico, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 15 People!


My poor car!

Thursday morning, I got into a small fender bender on my way to work. I was already having a bad morning and it got a bit worse… $500 deductible worse!

It’s almost comical how God uses seemingly insignificant moments in my life in significant ways.

This morning, I called Geico to make a claim on my accident. The lady who helped me was awesome. In the conversation, I found out that she worked in the Lakeland Geico Office, so I went ahead and invited her to Access for Easter Sunday. Guess what – she said she’s going to check out the website and wants to come.

Jehovah Witness Invitation

Jehovah Witness Invitation

While I was on the phone call, two young Jehovah’s Witness men stopped by to invite me to an event they’re hosting. So many Christians are quick to judge or make fun of Jehovah’s Witnesses for their door-to-door method, but get this… THEY’RE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING.

I’m not sure why I got in a fender bender. In all of my years of driving, I’ve never had an accident. I’m thankful that the accident led to an opportunity to invite a young lady to church!

On Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection – the most important event in the course of human history! The most selfish thing we can do is to keep the good news of Jesus to ourselves.

Let’s celebrate Jesus’ resurrection in a big way! Here’s how you can help!

1. Personally invite and bring friends! – Statistically 8 out of 10 people will say yes to an invitation to Easter!

2. Use Facebook and Twitter – You are connected to people who live in our cities who are looking for a church to attend on Easter! Use this week to talk about our church. On our Facebook page, we’ve even got a couple images you can use on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve set a goal of seeing 15 people come as a direct result of my personal invitations. So far I’ve gotten 2. I’m coming after those next 13!