Ella Elisabeth

Ella Elisabeth

Naming a child is weird. It’s such a big responsibility. It’s a forever decision.

We pick names for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to honor family, friends, or heroes. Other times it is because the meaning of the name carries significance.

Lis and I have been wrestling with the name decision since we found out that our baby is a girl and we’ve finally landed on a name.

Ella Elisabeth Burns

I wish we had some beautiful reason for picking the name Ella. We don’t. We just like it.

The middle name, however, carries with it unbelievable significance to me. When Lis and I first started talking about names, I told her that if the baby was a girl, I’d like her middle name to be Elisabeth. Immediately she pushed back.

Lis is the strongest person I know. We’re so far removed from some of the valleys in life that we’ve walked through that we no longer talk about them all the time. I’ve had a courtside seat to the mountaintop moments and the moments of deep despair in her life. I’ve held her hand as she walked through everything – cancer, the loss of a baby, sickness – with such profound strength and grace.

The middle name Elisabeth was my idea. I want this little girl to be just like her mom. To live a life that honors God, blesses others, and is a joy to all she comes in contact with.

I’m proud of my wife. She’s an amazing mom, compassionate friend, and honestly one of my heroes.

I have no doubt that Ella Elisabeth will admire her mom. It brings me such joy knowing that she will also carry her name.