Dear Access,

Dear Access,

I am SO thankful for you. I love your heart for God. I love the way you worship passionately. I love the creative ways you serve each other and our community. I love how generous our church is becoming. I love that we live to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

On this day where our nation pauses to reflect on God’s goodness, I would be remiss to not stop and say thanks for you!

When my wife and I started Access, I had NO idea what God had in mind. He has constantly blown us away. Church leaders across the country tell me how amazing it is what God has already done.

Here’s the best news – THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

I believe 2011 will be a year where God blows our minds. I’m going to talk about this in January, but I wanted to give you a heads up and to let you start praying with me about this!

I’m asking God help us see 1,000 people cross the line of faith, to trust Jesus with their lives, and to be baptized in 2011. We’re going to celebrate each and every one. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE MATTER TO JESUS AND TO US!

I want to give over $100,000 to World Missions, local outreach, and to causes that are changing the world!

With all of my heart, I believe that a community of passionate followers of Christ can (AND WILL!) change the world!

I love you, Access Church. Serving alongside you is one of my great joys. The best is yet to come.