Sunday Rewind :: 10.31.10

Another outstanding day at Access! Here are some thoughts! The underscore to this whole message series has been freedom. You were created to be free. Today’s message was on finding freedom from our addiction of approval. I loved this concept: We’ve talked about ways to be free FROM certain issues (fear, insecurity, guilt, anger, etc), […]

Sunday Rewind :: 10.24.10

What an amazing day at Access. God really messed some people up… in the best kind of way! Here are some thoughts: Always fun to lead off by saying several people made a decision to give their lives to Jesus. It happened again today! LOVE IT! We dedicated 4 babies to the Lord today. One […]

Sunday Rewind :: 10.17.10

Another great day at Access today. So excited for what God is doing for people in our church! Here are a few thoughts from a great day! Saw several more people make a decision to serve Christ today. LOVE IT! I love connecting with new people, and this Sunday we saw quite a few new […]

Sunday Rewind :: 10.10.10

Today is 10.10.10. That’s cool. Also, this October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays all in one month. It happens only once in 823 years. Crazy… Anyways, today was a great day at Access. Here are some thoughts! I love talking about what people actually deal with. I know today’s topic, insecurity, really […]

Sunday Rewind :: 10.3.10

I love Access. Seriously do. Here are a few thoughts from a great day! First off, and most importantly, saw several people make a decision to serve Christ today. That’s HUGE! NEVER. GETS. OLD. We’re in a series talking about the things people ACTUALLY deal with, called You*. I LOVED today’s topic: anxiety. Next week, […]

Sunday Rewind :: 9.26.10

Today was epic at Access. It’s a day we’ve been praying and believing for for over a year now. Here are a few thoughts from an amazing day! I LOVE our new location George Jenkins High School. It is fun looking at all of the pictures you took from your cell phones and uploaded. We’ll […]

Sunday Rewind :: 9.19.10

Hi guys! Jordan Rippy here. If you don’t know me, I’m the worship pastor here at Access. Pastor Jason is out of town this weekend so he asked if I could do a quick recap of the day. Today was definitely a really special day for our church. We’ve been meeting at the Lakeland Family […]

Sunday Rewind :: 9.12.10

WOW! What a day. GREAT services at Access. Now regular season NFL is back on TV. I bought my wife a cinnamon broom this week, so we know Autumn is near! GOD IS GOOD! Here are some quick thoughts from a great day! Huge attendance today. Second service was absolutely PACKED OUT. Today was our […]

Sunday Rewind :: 9.5.10

AWESOME day at Access Church today! Even the holiday weekend couldn’t slow us down. This is going to be an AMAZING fall at Access! Here are some thoughts from a great day! Have you heard the news yet? WE’RE MOVING!!! Everyone I talked to is pumped about the move. It’s a HUGE way for us […]

Sunday Rewind :: 8.29.10

Wow. What a day at Access Church. I LOVE this place (a recurring theme!).  Here are a few thoughts from an AMAZING day! We concluded our “Sacred” series today. I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this whole series. Such a breath of fresh air for our church! If you missed any of it, please grab the […]