3.23.14 Rewind

Such a great day at Access yesterday! Here are a few highlights! We kicked off a new series in Lakeland called Honor. We’re starting this series in Brandon this Sunday! Here are a few “tweetables” from the day: Honor is to elevate, add value, give worth, and to add weight. Dishonoring is to take lightly. […]

I’m proud of you, Access.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a HUGE fan of the local church. I love the churches in our city and around the world that are leveraging their influence and resources to make a difference. I’m also a HUGE fan of our church, Access. This last week was a great example of […]

3.9.14 Rewind

I am spent. There is a difference between being exhausted and spent. Exhausted just means that you’ve run out of energy. Spent means you invested your time and energy in something that matters. Today was a great day at Access. Here are a few highlights. Today was my first day back in Brandon in several […]

Sunday Rewind :: 3.13.11

Today was a weird day. A great day, but a weird one. We called it the Perfect Storm at Access. We’ve got Spring Breaks for the local colleges and all public and private schools this week, plus the time change. It was a triple whammy! We kicked off a new series today, “Bet the Farm” […]

Sunday Rewind :: 3.6.11

A few thoughts on an amazing day! First off, I LOVE seeing God’s Word take root in the lives of our people. That never ceases to amaze me. We concluded our series “Money Where Your Mouth Is” today. Jay did a great job closing us out! At the end, we did a fun Q&A. I […]

Sunday Rewind :: 2.27.11

Cell Phone Picture by Jordan Rippy Today was a special day. Lots of amazing things happened. I’ll try to give a great run-down of it all. Today was just “on.” The band was rocking. Baptisms always blow me away. Overall a GREAT day! Here are some thoughts: First, and most importantly, we baptized two kids […]

Sunday Rewind :: 2.20.11

We had Banana Cream Pie at church today! Was an amazing day. Here are some thoughts! Kicked off a new series today – “Money Where Your Mouth Is.” If you missed today, I hope you’ll take 30 minutes and listen or watch online this week when they are posted on Tuesday! Today’s topic is SO […]

Sunday Rewind :: 2.13.11

Lis & the Boys Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend to you! Today was an incredible day! Here are a few thoughts… Lis & the Boys Valentine’s Day! We concluded our message series, “LOVE, MARRIAGE, BABY CARRIAGE” today. Pastor Jay knocked it out of the park by talking about God’s design for families. I work really hard at being a good […]

Sunday Rewind :: 2.6.11

Here are a few thoughts from an AMAZING day! Saw over 10 people make a decision to serve Christ today. WOW. LOVE IT. Had our largest first service ever today. Had our largest non-holiday and non-special guest Sunday (meaning we’ve had huge Sundays when we’ve had guest music artists or speakers). ¬†God is up to […]

Sunday Rewind :: 1.30.11

What a day! I am trashed. I’ll give you a few quick hits from a beautiful day! I’m LOVING this marriage series, “Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage.” Our church is ripe for this series. SO many couples getting married, newly married, or having issues. I’m even hearing from college students who feel like this is so […]