Please excuse my silence. It’s not that I haven’t had things to write, it’s that I’ve been working hard this summer to create margin in my life for God to speak to me. I’ve heard it said that the best way to hear from God is to break your routine… to create space for Him […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Last Sunday, Lis and I were in Barcelona. They celebrate Mother’s Day a week earlier than we do here, so I got to “double celebrate” with my wife! I hope she doesn’t always expect double holidays! I am a blessed man. Joey and Gavin are blessed little boys! When you marry a person, you really […]

Hopping the Pond

We’ve had an unbelievably busy few months. I’m writing this from the Orlando airport, on my way to Barcelona, Rome, and South France for a few days with my gorgeous wife! We’ve been saving frequent flyer miles FOREVER, and we’re so excited to rest, dream, and get away. We’ll be with some of our best […]

My AMAZING Experience with Standard Theme!

  Let me be completely honest with you – I am absolutely TERRIBLE with any kind of website coding and development. I don’t speak any internet language (CSS, PHP, HTML, JQuery, ESPN, CNN… none of it!). I’m a pretty good graphic designer, but all web language is simply babble to me.   For the last […]

An Issue of Perspective

Joey is in a phase right now where he asks questions ALL THE TIME. If he can’t think of a question, he just asks why. It’s cute and sometimes quite comical, but can get annoying quickly! I took Joey to the Post Office this morning. While in line, he started playing with this trash box. […]

Why We Do What We Do.

Saw this on Twitter this morning. This is why we do what we do. It’s why we’re investing so heavily in Easter. It’s because Heaven rejoices when one person enters into relationship with Jesus. I’m always humbled, amazed, and strangely emotional when I see things like this. It’s why we do what we do.

God is Our Provider

This is a repost from several months ago. I woke up needing to re-read these words, and to remember God’s faithfulness to me. Everytime I talk about something, I deal with it that week. I’ve been speaking about rest and stress – two things I definitely struggle with. I hope this will mean as much […]

Lessons from Dad

Joey doing his thing – Breakfast! Having children has taught me so much about the character and nature of God. There is just something about their dependence on me, my unconditional love for them and the simple ways they bring me such joy that helps me, in some small way, understand how God must feel […]


My family spent some time outside tonight. What a beautiful night with the people I love most! Plus, it was Gavin’s first time in the big boy swing! This is joy! Joey & Gavin from Jason Burns on Vimeo.