4 Things I’m Learning Right Now

These 4 simple things keep popping up in my life, so I thought I’d share. 1. When I’m hurting, I need to dive into solitude. It reminds me that I don’t have to carry the burden alone, but that God will carry it for me. 2. I need to rest. Everyone wants to go 120mph […]

Ella Elisabeth

Naming a child is weird. It’s such a big responsibility. It’s a forever decision. We pick names for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to honor family, friends, or heroes. Other times it is because the meaning of the name carries significance. Lis and I have been wrestling with the name decision since we found […]

9 Years Ago Today…

9 years ago today I made one of the greatest decisions of my life. I gathered up all of my courage, dropped to one knee (albeit for just a second because I was so nervous), and popped the question. I remember feeling so nervous trying to eat my Chicken Marsalla that night, but as the […]

Caught in the Tension

I’m honestly grasping for words right now. I feel caught in some strange tension. Sometime later this afternoon, one of my best friends and his wife will celebrate the birth of their precious baby girl. And on this same afternoon, some 26 families will mourn the loss of their precious loved ones, many of them […]

Happy 8!

When you get married, you really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. It’s easy to exchange vows, it’s harder to live them. It’s easy to love each other when life is better, richer, and in health. But, you really get to know someone in worse, poorer, and sickness. Eight years ago, I had […]

My Favorite Ornament

I LOVE everything about Christmas… except decorating. Every year, though, Lis and I have a beautiful moment as we’re putting our ornaments on the tree. The first one we hang is a Tiffany’s Crystal Star that I bought and had engraved for Lis in 2005 after she finished chemotherapy. It simply says “Healed.” It’s beginning […]

Heaven Just Got a Little Closer

The past 7 days have been some of the darkest of my life. Last Monday, we went for a routine 24-week pregnancy check-up, and I stood and held Lis’ hand as an ultrasound showed that our sweet baby, Angelina Grace, had no heartbeat. Friday morning, I held Lis’ hand as we said “we’ll see you […]

Angelina Grace

This is probably the most painful blog I’ve ever written. Early this morning. Lis and I found out that our sweet baby girl had no heartbeat. I’m writing to ask you to pray for us. Today has been REALLY hard, and the next few days will be incredibly tough as well. Please keep us in […]

10 Random Things I’m Excited About!

Here are 10 random things I’m excited about! Lis and I are having a baby. It feels like a TON of people at Access either just had babies or are currently pregnant. That’s one way to grow a church! I’m LOVING this series we’re in at Access on the Holy Spirit called “Red Headed Step God.” […]