Professionally Fun

Google Offices, ZurichThe best companies know how to laugh together, have fun together, and get the job done well together. That’s why I love our Access team. Seriously, that’s what I love working with them. It’s fun. These are the people I want to hang out with on the weekends. These are the people I […]

One mistake can ruin you

I’m saddened by the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf. It’ll be a while before we can even properly gauge how bad it really is. I was watching the news last night, and caught a story on the economic impact on BP. Their value has fallen over 50% in just a few weeks. One mistake […]

The power of touch

Apple announced the new iPhone 4 this week. I’ll be honest – I love it.   They also announced a new feature – FaceTime. This new technology will allow iPhone 4 users to video chat with each other. AT&T predicted these new ideas 17 years ago, but I’m sure we all thought those commercials were […]

Who are your future leaders?

This morning in our staff meeting, I tossed out the question, “who are we identifying as our future leaders?” As a pastor, I feel that one of my main objectives is to help people find who they were created to be. This process can be painful, but is ultimately so helpful. Who around you was […]

Next Level…

I’ve had this unique sense that God is calling me, my family, and my church to the next level. Sometimes you can’t articulate the feeling – you just know it’s too strong to deny. To get there, I’m ready to start making some changes. I can never expect my church to go where I’m not […]