What would you do if you fully believed that God was with you? What would you risk? How big would you dream? How much would you invest?  Those who change the world are willing to risk the most for what they believe.

Your Biggest Ministry Opportunity

If you haven’t picked up on the subtle hints, I LOVE my church. I love the people. It fires me up to preach to them. I live to see lives changed. The next two weeks, I’ll be speaking at two camps. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to thousands nationally and internationally. BUT these are not […]

Actually Hearing from God – Part 2

In my few years of pastoring, I’ve had quite a few people sit across the table from me to tell me what God was saying to them. Hebrews 12:25 reminds us that His is always speaking. Sometimes they’re dreams for our life. Other times, He is simply reminding us of His love. Yet, other times, […]

Reaching vs. Keeping

As a pastor, you have to make one very clear, important decision. Are you going to focus on who you’re trying to keep, or who you’re trying to reach?  We definitely went with the latter. This is such a painful decision. When you choose to focus on actually reaching people who are far from God, […]


While in a Homiletics (preaching) class in college, I had a professor challenge us to learn to project our voices. Dr. Hackett taught that it would help us to preserve our voices as we spoke, but also it was a skill needed as you lead people, as there are times you don’t have a microphone […]