Ella Elisabeth

Naming a child is weird. It’s such a big responsibility. It’s a forever decision. We pick names for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to honor family, friends, or heroes. Other times it is because the meaning of the name carries significance. Lis and I have been wrestling with the name decision since we found […]


My family spent some time outside tonight. What a beautiful night with the people I love most! Plus, it was Gavin’s first time in the big boy swing! This is joy! Joey & Gavin from Jason Burns on Vimeo.  

Simple Joy…

I wish I could describe what this picture does to my heart! Joey was making his baby brother, Gavin, laugh this morning. Such a beautiful sight. I know these guys are going to grow up to be best friends!

Your Biggest Ministry Opportunity

If you haven’t picked up on the subtle hints, I LOVE my church. I love the people. It fires me up to preach to them. I live to see lives changed. The next two weeks, I’ll be speaking at two camps. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to thousands nationally and internationally. BUT these are not […]

The Importance of a Godly Heritage

Four Generations of Burns Men   Where you come from matters. It shapes who you are, what you believe, and the lens through which you see the world. This weekend, my grandparents mailed me a newspaper clipping, that is 28 years old (that is me rocking the number 24!). It is a picture of four […]