I am absolutely spent, but it was so worth it. Today was an amazing day. Three services in two cities. Amazing turnout and energy at the First Preview Service of our Brandon Campus. I’m so thankful. I’ll blog up some observations later this week, but in the meantime, I wanted to say thank you to […]

A BIG Thank You!

For over a year, we’ve been praying about this Sunday. This Sunday, 6pm, at Bloomingdale High School, we’re launching our first of 3 monthly preview services for the new campus of Access Church! I couldn’t be more excited. The point of this blog isn’t to advertise the preview service, but to say thank you to […]

New Ways of Doing Church?!?

A few days ago, Mark Batterson tweeted this: “There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet.” I’ve thought about that my whole life. I’ve got some ideas about what it could look like. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. Go!

Access Tampa!

Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers! Around 9 months ago, God began challenging my wife and me to dream bigger dreams. Your dreams are unbelievably important, because how you dream shapes how you pray, and how you pray determines who you become. As we prayed, we both felt like God was calling […]

Why We Do What We Do.

Saw this on Twitter this morning. This is why we do what we do. It’s why we’re investing so heavily in Easter. It’s because Heaven rejoices when one person enters into relationship with Jesus. I’m always humbled, amazed, and strangely emotional when I see things like this. It’s why we do what we do.

The Big Mo

Momentum. Every leader wants it. Sometimes you just have it. Other times you have to work to create it. Our church has grown in crazy spurts. It’s as if we’ll grow really fast, then stay at a certain level, then jump again. It feels like we’re in another one of those growing seasons. In this […]

Get Off the Stage

I’ve had this gnawing in my soul lately. As a pastor, and ultimately our church’s lead communicator, I want to make sure that I have something meaningful to say. It’s easy to write a message just to write a message. It’s harder to write something meaningful. It’s easy to tell funny stories to get a […]

The Big Ask

People are surprisingly open to God, yet unfortunately so many feel burned by the church. I’m always looking for ways to engage people in spiritual talks. Some years ago, I heard Dr. Dan Allender explain his view on evangelism. He simply said, I never just tell people about Jesus. I ask them their story, and […]