Geico, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 15 People!

Thursday morning, I got into a small fender bender on my way to work. I was already having a bad morning and it got a bit worse… $500 deductible worse! It’s almost comical how God uses seemingly insignificant moments in my life in significant ways. This morning, I called Geico to make a claim on […]

The Office is Buzzing!

The next few weeks at Access are going to be great! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect! THIS SUNDAY: Chiapas Mission Offering – If you didn’t know, Access is building a church in South Mexico this fall. The project will cost $18,000 to build and pay a pastor’s salary for a year. Let’s […]

3.23.14 Rewind

Such a great day at Access yesterday! Here are a few highlights! We kicked off a new series in Lakeland called Honor. We’re starting this series in Brandon this Sunday! Here are a few “tweetables” from the day: Honor is to elevate, add value, give worth, and to add weight. Dishonoring is to take lightly. […]

I’m proud of you, Access.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a HUGE fan of the local church. I love the churches in our city and around the world that are leveraging their influence and resources to make a difference. I’m also a HUGE fan of our church, Access. This last week was a great example of […]

3.9.14 Rewind

I am spent. There is a difference between being exhausted and spent. Exhausted just means that you’ve run out of energy. Spent means you invested your time and energy in something that matters. Today was a great day at Access. Here are a few highlights. Today was my first day back in Brandon in several […]

Easter is Coming!

Hey Access! I’m convinced that this Easter is going to be the best Easter in the history of our church!¬†Help us invite your friends this week in one of these 3 ways: 1. Personally invite them! – Statistically 8 out of 10 people will say yes to an invitation to Easter! 2. Use Facebook and […]

January Recap

January at Access has quite possibly been my favorite month in the history of our church… and I’ve LOVED a lot of months at Access! Here’s a quick highlight reel of some of my favorite things: We started the new year on January 6 with a message called Circles Completed. Last January, we did a […]

Access Brandon Launch Sunday!

Yesterday was amazing. We have so much to be thankful for. A year of dreaming and planning went into yesterday and it showed. We had such a beautiful service. We’re hearing amazing things from those who came! We had 173 people in attendance. 5 people made a decision to follow Christ. That makes all of […]

Help me this week!

The start of our Access Brandon campus is just days away… DAYS AWAY! We start this Sunday, January 13, 10:30 AM, at Bloomingdale High School. I could use your help this week as we get close to Sunday! PRAY! – I’m praying and completely fasting this week asking God to show up in a HUGE […]

30K in 30 Days!

Help me do something crazy! In 30 days we’re launching the second campus of our church in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa. We’re REALLY excited. We’ve connected with a lot of people in the area. We’ve raised a ton of money, but need to close out strong by raising the final $30,000! Would you help […]