A Fresh Coat of Paint and Your Life

My friend, Eric, helping us paint… while posing!

I hate moving. Hate it.

This week, Access moved into a new office complex that will give us so much more room to grow as a staff, and also to host events, groups, meetings and so much more. It’s a HUGE blessing!

That said, we had to move all of our stuff (and DANG we’ve got a lot of stuff – desks, books, cabinets, sound systems, chairs… so much stuff) to the new offices this week. Before we could move in, we had to paint, clean, vacuum, dust, and the list goes on and on.

Yesterday, I found myself doing things that I never would’ve done in my old office. I was rearranging all the cords under my desk. I used a screw driver to lift the baseboard so I could run an extension cord under it so that it wouldn’t be seen. I used a Magic Eraser (they’re seriously magic) to clean scuffs off of walls. In the old office, I just got used to the imperfections.

Why did we do all that work? Because it was new.

I’m convinced that so many of us wait for opportunities to change and grow, rather than creating them. We anxiously wait for January 1 to start dieting, to stop smoking, or to exercise more. Then that day comes and goes, and usually we end up back where we started.

Why not give yourself permission to change today? Why not make today a “new” day? Rather than falling back into the mundane of similarity, how about you take a risk, step out in faith, and start taking some steps to change and grow.

Today is new. God’s mercies are new today. Start today.