Bless, Get Blessed, Celebrate & Pray!

I see a side of church that few get to see. The more I know, the more I wonder how anyone can get through life without a church family. Every day is filled with opportunities to meet needs or to have our needs met. We need each other. In the last few hours, I’ve had […]

I’m pumped!

There are so many amazing things happening at Access right now. This isn’t intended to be all “hype-y” and not to be a big advertisement, but I wanted to share a few amazing things that have happened and are happening! We’ve added 129 people to our attendance in the last 10 weeks. Strong, consistent growth. […]

4 Things I’m Learning Right Now

These 4 simple things keep popping up in my life, so I thought I’d share. 1. When I’m hurting, I need to dive into solitude. It reminds me that I don’t have to carry the burden alone, but that God will carry it for me. 2. I need to rest. Everyone wants to go 120mph […]

Geico, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 15 People!

Thursday morning, I got into a small fender bender on my way to work. I was already having a bad morning and it got a bit worse… $500 deductible worse! It’s almost comical how God uses seemingly insignificant moments in my life in significant ways. This morning, I called Geico to make a claim on […]

The Office is Buzzing!

The next few weeks at Access are going to be great! Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect! THIS SUNDAY: Chiapas Mission Offering – If you didn’t know, Access is building a church in South Mexico this fall. The project will cost $18,000 to build and pay a pastor’s salary for a year. Let’s […]

Honor Series // Pastor Tom Peters

Romans 13 says that we are to give honor to whom honor is due. There is no better place to start than with MY PASTOR, Tom Peters. Pastor Peters faithfully pastored my home church, Trinity Church International for 40 years. For almost 25 years, I’ve watched him lead the church with undeniable integrity and prayer. […]

3.23.14 Rewind

Such a great day at Access yesterday! Here are a few highlights! We kicked off a new series in Lakeland called Honor. We’re starting this series in Brandon this Sunday! Here are a few “tweetables” from the day: Honor is to elevate, add value, give worth, and to add weight. Dishonoring is to take lightly. […]

Blood, Sweat, Expletives, and Perspective!

I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. I love the price and looks of it, but I abhor (is that a strong enough word?!) assembling it. And then there’s the Ikea cartoon guy. I hate him. He’s always so happy when working on the furniture. I’ve never looked like that. Cue last night. I spent […]

I’m proud of you, Access.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a HUGE fan of the local church. I love the churches in our city and around the world that are leveraging their influence and resources to make a difference. I’m also a HUGE fan of our church, Access. This last week was a great example of […]

3.9.14 Rewind

I am spent. There is a difference between being exhausted and spent. Exhausted just means that you’ve run out of energy. Spent means you invested your time and energy in something that matters. Today was a great day at Access. Here are a few highlights. Today was my first day back in Brandon in several […]